Jan 31, 2010

wake up...

shutting your eyes for 8hrs is shutting your senses for 8 hrs to a world that's changing, every degree it rotates...could I stop sleeping....should I stop blinking...

...for the record

I never read what I finish....I never start what I have ended....

Batti- bulb inspired font

Created from a photograph of a bulb, havnt taken it ahead and it may not want to.....still like it as my second font creation!
One experiment up....
more to go...more to happen....
sometime soon or god knows when...
(....that was just coz it rhymed...sorry :P)

Jan 26, 2010


Identity for Zinger as an online magazine for web-design...

D Day....

...never felt like this again.....

in the Summer of '09...

....rock was unexplored for me and there was a concert cummin up...so.....

Jan 18, 2010


Dust is definitely there....but its the freedom in the air that matters.

Its been a long time since I have committed to come at a certain time;
since I have received innumerable, frantic calls, asking where I was;
a long time since I have given reason for something I'm doing;
since I have been questioned on something I did....

I've become to distant to how it was.
Addicted to this smell in the air.

How can I go back from here? How can I?....

Jan 17, 2010


Is Knowing-It-All better than All-Knowing-It??

Jan 14, 2010

You get lost looking at that little square spec hovering in the sky so far, far away.....

Jan 12, 2010

Pass pass...

Time passing and People passing away
People passing and Time passing away?

Jan 10, 2010


something I had done in 2007, I'm guessing, a montage of the little doodles i had and a picture I had taken on my very first trek!


You have two options to take up cribbing as your pastime in life; it can be achieved in two ways-
1. less options
2. too many options

this is what I experienced when I downloaded iTunes and played the radio.
This is a sarcastic reply to all the cribbing I have ever done about having less choices in life.

Jan 9, 2010


The milk boils down....and so does reality.....its you all the way and rabdi tastes great!!!

Jan 8, 2010

its rare...

Animal instinct: To protect someone you are fond of.
Human instinct: To hurt someone who likes you.

Jan 6, 2010


Everything about her is absolutely phenomenal. Her dark eyes and flawless skin. She doesn't need attention, she just gets it. When she wants to talk she comes close, touches you and its impossible to take your hand off her. When she whines there is meaning. You can't help but melt.
But she can be mean. Mean as a hook. She wont give you a fraction of the attention you give her. She'll walk past you like you're transparent. She's whimsical, fancy, the college bitch...

Jan 4, 2010

The Who for Who

Its me in my body, in mind but what I do is what stares back at me with a question, asking for whom and why. The who remains the who and the why remains the why...I continue what I do, stop for a moment and think it over, put it down in case the answer comes and the question doesn't go astray.

Jan 3, 2010

what to do?...

There comes a time in life or for that matter, more often, that you don't know what to do with ur life....then you just watch movies back to back...and live so many lives in a matter of few hours

Jan 2, 2010

throw your head back....

We are just in a habit of complicating the simplest things in life and getting worked up about it.

Let it go // loosen up // laugh!

Jan 1, 2010

the whole problem...

...the moment i start a blog the design bothers me so much so that i wonder why cant i just pick a brush and paint the screen.
Im technically-challenged at least for a few weeks until this becomes a habit.
Its been about an hour and a half and im sure I'll hate how this page looks tomorrow...

Happy New(old) Blog


1.party [unexpected]

2. i drank [not planned]

3. i danced [totally planned in case of point 1. affirmation]

I will start actually writing my blog today. It was created a long time back when I dint really have anything to put down here. Times change, people change and Diaries get lost or are read or........

It was a great lot of people [the first thing that made me rethink the party]
Anyway, it started of as a little bunch of people trying to call more people to Paaartyyyy!

Then the crowd started building up. The booze was flowing and the songs were becoming better and the beds were being boycotted. The were gate-crashers and free-loaders and a lot of known-unknown faces sharing hugs and wishes, dancing, conversing at the tip of our voices, booing the DJ, making nasty comments, smacking buts, and coming in real close proximity of most people. Its surprising how everything is OK coz its a party and everyone's drunk.

Happy Happy Happy....................