Dec 21, 2011


Just an attempt to create textures and effects. More to come hopefully...

When my mouse died...


It was last year maybe.
I was asleep.
Maybe I was dreaming.
An image flashed in my mind while I was opening my eyes.
And all I could remember was...

An Arab woman walking in front of me and she suddenly turned back...

I don't have such dreams anymore.
How I miss them, how I miss them...

Dec 16, 2011

Convo Display

Some of my work displayed during the Convocation week 2011 at NID
thanks for the pictures Akshan & Roshni

The real Rubberband book

Made for a friend that was....
It is designed as one of those idea books, which need to be carried around, which do not have expensive papers so you can freely scribble, refillable sections inside bound to the cover with a rubberband and has a space to keep some money and cards.

Basically the basicest wallet + idea book.

Needs more developing...

Dec 15, 2011

Finger Book

A book I gifted Sonam. She had funky coloured nails and most of us in class associate such florescence with her. Band-aids as fingers and colourful tips... Miss you Sonam!

Dec 2, 2011


A bi-annual publication that I designed for the Animation Dept. at NID. Designed to project the playful, spontaneous, humanistic, fun and circus-like attitude of this discipline. It was released for Chitrakatha 2011. You may check it on my website for a peek into the process...

front- the Content :  : back-the Poster

And this is how it opened to read....
(this is a GIF image, please wait for it to load)