Aug 10, 2012

#Plan 171

One of those plans that happened @ NID where Sukriti and I had decided to stay in t he hostel through the year without a break so that we could become monsters at the end of the whole thing!!!

Aug 4, 2012

Constant Confusion

In between external information and self-expression
I suffer, I learn, I complain, I enjoy, I live.

Aug 1, 2012


I have not bought a writing book for a year and a half. I feel almost guilty doing so.
When I'm in need of a book, I bind and cut it myself.
It is a little bit wonky but I believe I will get to perfection and make pure hand-bound books

Temporary Retirement

I have left work for a while to document my diploma project in order to convocate on time.

I felt powerful yesterday but it faded away today.

Sitting at Jon/Sang's place I have all the time for thinking, tinkering, writing, cooking, chai, freelancing, doodling, spell-towering and yet there seems to me a nagging deadline so near but so far away.