Jan 17, 2013

A Limerick and a Block

One Diwali day, while in the campus I stayed
I gathered a lot of junk and packed it in my trunk.
I moved one day with all the junk that lay
In the trunk which I only opened after a year in Bombay.
I found rocks and socks and wooden blocks
Of which I painted a block in the memory of that Diwali day.

Jan 16, 2013

Planets and Moons, Bubbles and Paint

Continuing from all the digging the other day, I created some planets and moons to go with the galactic textures I made before.


Inky Galaxy

It was a regular day of digging into the art-cupboard.

A few things made sense today. I found inks and glass paints and colour paper.
Throw in some salt and I found a Galaxy on my desk.


Jan 10, 2013


3 months
On the road
Off the road
Of the road
Out of a bag
And back in.

I'm sitting now
Thinking, cutting, pasting, creating.
I'm happy.

This is a work of abstraction inspired by real names, characters, places and incidents and bear resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead.

An Overview





Rec-room capture

Damayanti posted a picture on Facebook of one of the rec-room parties we had a year and a half back. Something intrigued me about everyone's action in the picture. Since I spent a lot of time cutting and gluing things together to make a series of collages in the past two days, I held on to the tools and made my version...
Posted by Damayanti

Jan 8, 2013

Paper-bag angels

They hang on my window.

Lost time

Long long ago I glued paper-strips together while thinking how college would be...