Sep 30, 2010


- a play by Khel

All I was given was 'an unemployed youngster, a hungry beggar, an irritated writer, a wanted criminal'

Poster Design for the Play 

Sep 13, 2010

Oral Satisfaction

There is this thing that we do...and I was prey to it too.
It is under control, but sometimes its best to give up, come undone and surrender.
Its all that happened and all that you collect and keep under your breath until you can't hold anymore. You just have to do it. Its a collective work and more about sharing.

Excitement surges, adrenalin high and the anticipation from the other/s.

You lean, open your mouth and it all comes out.

Its out for the world, to awww, to shrug, to add spice to, to judge and finally to spread!!!


(p.s. No puns intended)