Oct 11, 2012

Back to a place called Home

It sprains my neck to turn 90 degrees every time I want to look at clouds,
And to my disappointment all I see is wires and these alien structures.
People are meant to walk on these things.
They call it sky walks.
How desperately they want us to reach great heights.
They are doing their very best.
.But no one wants to get up there.
There are other trivial things holding them back like the vegetable vendor who gives them a 2% discount and the cobbler they need for over-stitching the 1 month old sandal bough from a sale just two shops ahead.

It has not been very long since I left Mumbai...3 years to be precise.
There are police for crowd controlling on station bridges and a week's grocery equals more than or equal to a grand.
But people still march in, storm in and survive.
The ever growing population and the stench all the same.
I am yet to decide whether I should take the sky walk or walk on under.