Nov 30, 2011

Posters to Books

The poster on the left was a part of  Cowmixx (my publication design project).
And I made book covers of the extra posters...

3 Books..... pictures of the front and back of each.
At present the books are owned by Sahib Ram Tudu and Sekhar Mukherjee

And a Mini Book...something that came out of the left-overs

Books from Boxes

Corrugated sheet covers with printed fluorescent printed sheets inside.
Its a delight to have them but can't be too sure about writing on these blinding colours...

With smart but a raw look outside, you hardly expect a chaos inside.
Experimenting with end-papers.
Gifted to a friend , Dhruva Rao.

4  Squares

Half-open; coloured spine with an interesting piece of a box as a cover.
Gifted to Anisha Crasto when she convocated from NID.

Nov 22, 2011

Breaking Books

This is a booklet of Posters we got as a part of the kit at Design Yatra 2010

Not having the slightest inclination to put them, I did what I do best, with them- Bind
And how best to use a book of delicious visual texture and fully experimental layouts- COLLAGE
Presenting the first few in the book...

Nov 21, 2011


I have always found collage as a medium to be SuperCool with the rough edges and things that don't fit and how things can be ripped from one context and glued into another. What to do with this medium will obviously not come to me until some magazines are destroyed, a lot of glue consumed and till I run out of space to accommodate all those little-little 'cuttings which may come handy in the future'....

Nov 14, 2011

My world and how it fits in a locker....