May 31, 2010

Wall Project 3

My second Wall Project...

it happened on a sunny Sunday...the paints had to be hunted for and the walls to be found. The upside was meeting so many people after such a long long time and the down side was the 3 hours on site appeared to be a good 5 hours.
Aching legs and back, the heat, the sweat, the thirst, the stubborn paint that refused to come off hands feet and face.......all worth it for a piece of wall that bears our trademark!!!

It was great working with u guys- Pratheek, Aishoo, Anusha!!!!
Photograph Courtesy: whoever had Pratheek's Camera.

You and Me

this lil' piece is as old as the my problem...
ever experienced Generation Gap??

May 29, 2010

Granny's Dog

I love to draw old people...its all wavy lines to show their droopy skin hanging from their faces...(im sure I dint put that well but anyway...)...these lines just give so much character- it could be a toothless old man, a balding woman, sleepy-baggy-droopy tired lady, wrinkled-forehead angry man....

In old people...whatever the expression, it gets exaggerated by the lines that mark their faces.

totally inspired to sketch more of the seniors...more coming soon!!

May 28, 2010


....this should be my status when I do something of comparatively substantial. Spending so much time explaining concepts, defending them and giving myself a pat on the back--and I say I don't know where I'm wasting time.

Moving On --- now that's something I must try more seriously.

May 25, 2010

Ragged Resurrection!!

Randomly done Cloth Collage with rags lying around the house.
Some jeans were cut, some t-shirts slashed and some clothes of the 70's have now reached a better...a happier place!!

May 24, 2010

NightMess NewsPrint and a lot of time to Waste

Credits: Shravan and Nitish....thanx for not noticing me while I was sketching...makes me nervous.


O'course they are pieces of art.

Carefully sticking by Granny's recipe, vigilant eye on the oven and all the love(the main ingredient)

Cake is a Cake is an Art...

Wall > Room > NID

Even though the Wall must have been white-washed by now, I still am very kicked about it.
It happened somewhere at the end of last year and will always be something I cherish through the coats of white that it will be covered with every passing year.

Shoe Canvas

I like to experiment on different surfaces, Shoes being my favorite.
These are shoes for Diti- custom painted for her love for cats.

Banana Banana

My idea of a game is that it should grow with the age of the players. Game of cards, Pictionary, Scrabble are games that have cut cross the age barrier.

I got a chance to design a game in a special course this year.

The game is called – Banana Banana. It is a game is based on the Karadai Tale --Monkeys go Fasting.

The game is a stacking game based on patience, chance and a certain amount of skill in balancing and maintaining center of gravity.

In the tale it so happens that the monkeys cannot complete their fast due to lack of patience and real interest in fasting.
It is a five-player game and each player has to build a banana with the blocks provided according to the dice/ cards.
The aim of the game is to keep the banana growing and standing until someone elses topples down.

This game is that it has 4 games (2 dice based, 2 card based which fall into memory and chance games). The specialty of the game is that-- the blocks and dice being versatile, more games could be devised by the players and rules could be made up to play new games. In this way the game becomes more dynamic and keeps re-inventing itself.

The game is to involve more family and social interaction compared to the time we spend alone or in
our virtual worlds.

Currently, I am designing the packaging and manual for the same which is going ahead at snails' pace. :(

Updated Status- the package is done. Have a look here.

May 23, 2010

Its been quite some time....

...since I actually came visiting my own Blog. As Sonali rightly called it a sleeping blog, it is high time that it wakes up from its prolonged siesta.
Agreed that the work is slow and the vacations have overpowered my mind but the show must go an and the intermission must get over... :P
So yawn I'm back least for a bit...