May 24, 2010

Banana Banana

My idea of a game is that it should grow with the age of the players. Game of cards, Pictionary, Scrabble are games that have cut cross the age barrier.

I got a chance to design a game in a special course this year.

The game is called – Banana Banana. It is a game is based on the Karadai Tale --Monkeys go Fasting.

The game is a stacking game based on patience, chance and a certain amount of skill in balancing and maintaining center of gravity.

In the tale it so happens that the monkeys cannot complete their fast due to lack of patience and real interest in fasting.
It is a five-player game and each player has to build a banana with the blocks provided according to the dice/ cards.
The aim of the game is to keep the banana growing and standing until someone elses topples down.

This game is that it has 4 games (2 dice based, 2 card based which fall into memory and chance games). The specialty of the game is that-- the blocks and dice being versatile, more games could be devised by the players and rules could be made up to play new games. In this way the game becomes more dynamic and keeps re-inventing itself.

The game is to involve more family and social interaction compared to the time we spend alone or in
our virtual worlds.

Currently, I am designing the packaging and manual for the same which is going ahead at snails' pace. :(

Updated Status- the package is done. Have a look here.


  1. At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, I'll again point out zat zis gal is an engineer at heart.
    I knew it the day you designed that high-tech device to block that chipkali hole in our ceiling. :D

  2. *banana song*
    will sing when i meet u.