Jul 27, 2012

India Design Mark- Shortlisted entry

It has been a while since the competition has ended. It had slipped my mind to put this up. I had sent this entry and was one among the 8 shortlisted entries at the competition.

View my entry at the India Design Council site under Shortlisted Entries.... just above winner :(

Culture in India is organically interwoven with nature. This can be seen in all aspects of our day-to-day life including occupation, lifestyle and religion. This relationship with nature is apparent in simple products we had, which were conceived from the nature, served its purpose and went back to where it came from. They lived more than one lives, being used for different purposes, which makes it almost spiritual.
A Good product [sustainable, functional, simple, and systemic] can be represented by a visual union of a Mandala, which represents the infinite whole, an organizational structure of life in the Indian context as well as in many other cultures through the world; and the product itself in the form of a dot, exuding power and uniqueness, existing in a system and synergized with the nature.