Mar 31, 2011

The Wall Spoketh

Disclaimer: this piece was created around August 2010. All the events that may be related to this are surprisingly coincidental...and I cannot explain how.

This my friends is called the 'Prophecies of the Wall'!
It happened on night while I was watching something mundane on unsecure that i drew the first H on the wall without giving it a thought.
Then almost in a trance more pencil doodles appeared including switches, bulbs, the world, the snail, the parachute....and all u can see above. They were all alive with colour and my room wall was something I was quite proud of....until...(long pause) all started coming true.
  1. Apoorva's Cat came into my life and stayed with me (god bless its soul...she died, thats y.....she liked me otherwise)
  2. The Naked Man incidence- I hope the naked man in the picture is clear, btw it has just a penis- no balls.
  3. The Snail just shows the speed at which I am getting things done.
  4. The leaky World- its a slight hint to the tsunami at Japan.
  5. I happened to buy a switch that was very similar to the one I've drawn here, unknowingly.
  6. The Eyes-flower here is made of eyes and its quite panopticisized here for security measures.
It could be coincidence....but a little too much of it.....

Photo Credit: Mridu Nath