Jan 1, 2010

Happy New(old) Blog


1.party [unexpected]

2. i drank [not planned]

3. i danced [totally planned in case of point 1. affirmation]

I will start actually writing my blog today. It was created a long time back when I dint really have anything to put down here. Times change, people change and Diaries get lost or are read or........

It was a great lot of people [the first thing that made me rethink the party]
Anyway, it started of as a little bunch of people trying to call more people to Paaartyyyy!

Then the crowd started building up. The booze was flowing and the songs were becoming better and the beds were being boycotted. The were gate-crashers and free-loaders and a lot of known-unknown faces sharing hugs and wishes, dancing, conversing at the tip of our voices, booing the DJ, making nasty comments, smacking buts, and coming in real close proximity of most people. Its surprising how everything is OK coz its a party and everyone's drunk.

Happy Happy Happy....................

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